Becoming Independent Learners

Middle childhood encompasses ages from 8 -12 years. It is a time when children become more independent in their learning... where they take greater responsibility for what and how they learn and begin to develop specific skills and interests in areas such as sports, music, dance etc. 

They are able to maintain concentration for longer periods, carry out investigations and research, work alone on projects, be innovative and creative and work collaboratively with others. 

Middle childhood can be an exciting and rewarding time as they discovery the joy of learning.


The Role of the Homeschooling Parent for Middle Childhood is to:

  • provide challenges and stimulate curiosity
  • be sensitive to the child's interests and abilities
  • facilitate investigations
  • provide help with finding and using resources
  • encourage independence and self management
  • use questioning to guide learning
  • be a sounding board for ideas - help children develop a sense of what is possible, probable and reasonable
  • value children's mistakes and struggles, achievements and successes
  • help children evaluate and value their own work, learning and achievement.





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Middle Childhood - Learning to Learn